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Welcome to The Awakened Plate!

Through the use of advanced testing and tailor-made nutrition strategies, we enlighten you to a better way of living.    

With Advanced Testing, we help you LEAP towards better health.
By identifying specific foods that are causing inflammation.

Our Foundation Begins By
Creating a Unique Approach.......Based on

Food + Inflammation + Genetics = Your Foundation

MRT Test

Through a simple color-coded system, we analyze and create an individual approach.






3x4 Genetics


The 3 x 4 genetic test evaluates how genes uniquely impact you and their collective influence on overall health.



By merging the data provided by the MRT test (Oxford Biomedical Technologies) and 3X4 Genetics test, we can create a precise and personalized plan of action. 

All testing is ordered, read and interpreted by our functional medicine director: Dr. Gregg Szerlip; and our registered dietician: Melissa Callari, RD, CDN, IFNCP, CLT. 


Menu planning, food journaling, and individual support are provided throughout to promote success. Each membership offers regularly scheduled follow up appointments, recipes, online support group help, custom shopping lists, unique holiday guides to help you stay on track and much more!


Life is inflammatory enough! Is your diet a contributing factor?

How would you know? 

MRT Food Sensitivity Testing removes the guesswork:

  • All disease originates from chronic inflammation. Many chronic health conditions, including chronic pain, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fibromyalgia, ADHD/ADD, chronic fatigue, headaches/migraines, arthritis, IBD (crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis), asthma, depression and more, can result from sustained inflammatory markers released in response to the consumption of certain foods, food chemicals, or common food additives. This response is unique for every individual.​

  • The MRT Food Sensitivity Test goes beyond standard testing to reveal hidden contributing factors causing inflammation and discomfort caused by your diet. 

  • Reducing inflammation allows your body to focus on optimal health. 

"Inflammatory processes are involved in not just a few select disorders, but a wide variety of mental and physical health problems." 

Millions of clients have already taken the MRT test and implemented the  MRT-LEAP program to help them 


Marble Surface


Personalized Nutrition Tailored to Your DNA

Why Nutrigenomics?

  • Your genes (DNA) hold the key to your unique nutritional requirements. Nutrigenomics, is the science of using nutrients to provide your genes with exactly what they can process and need.

  • It is impossible for one diet to meet everyone's needs. Your genes are your foundation. Similar to a building, without a strong foundation, the structure (your body) will fail. Through proper testing, we can identify the nutrients required to provide optimal support.

  • While this genetic information can be used to optimize your immediate health, it is also a tool to achieve longevity. 

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