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3X4 Genetics


3X4 Genetic Test

As featured on NBC, 3X4 Genetics provides an unparalleled genetic test.

Your genetic code serves as your body's roadmap, influencing everything from eye color to how your body responds to exercise, diet, and the environment.


Every choice you make impacts and is influenced by your genetic makeup. With the 3X4 test, we analyze over 157 genes that affect nine crucial aspects of your life: metabolism, diet, weight, heart health, brain health, hormone regulation, inflammation, detoxification, and supplement needs.

Understanding your unique genetic map makes it easier to make choices that positively impact your overall physical, mental, and behavioral health.


Now, you can comprehend why that cup of coffee or a single piece of pie affects you the way it does!


What 3X4 Genetics Strives For

Our bodies operate within intricate systems. 3X4 examines the coordination of our genes in cellular pathways and functional systems. This analysis delves into the regulation of processes like inflammation, metabolism, and detoxification, offering a comprehensive understanding of our genetic functioning.

Most practitioners, place emphasis on addressing symptoms directly. At 3X4, their approach allows us to utilize their test as they seek to shift this paradigm by delving into the profound cellular intricacies. By comprehending processes at a deep cellular level, striving to proactively prevent, delay, or even reverse diseases.

Rooted in Cause

The Science and the Team behind the Test

With over 20 years of scientific research and clinical practice put into the development and understanding of the test, Dr. Yael Joffe, 3X4’s Founder and CSO, is not only globally recognized for her expertise in nutrigenomics, but has been contributing to clinically useful products for her clinicians and practitioners alike for over two decades.  More than that she has proven to go above and beyond in selecting her Scientific Advisory Board ensuring that it is comprised of the "top physicians, scientists, and Functional Medicine experts", who are actively shaping the scientific way of thinking and guiding both the creation of the 3x4 test creation as well as future product development.

Most genetic testing readouts are based on looking at individual gene variants known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphsims).  3X4 Genetics has developed a biological framework to ensure that these changes are not looked at in isolation, but rather in a more realistic and and whole body approach to ensure the impact to overall health is at its highest. 

Makes Your Test Easy to Read and Understand

The 3X4 Blueprint Report uses "infographics, explanations, and highly-actionable recommendations". These readouts allow Us as your practitioner a more focused and defined set of data to offer our clients the proper lifestyle, nutritional and supplemental changes they need to prioritize their health first. 

The Results

82 different gene variants are reported in the read out of this test. All of them are color coded from those which have the highest impact on ones health (dark purple) to those with the lowest impact (light yellow).
Both pathway and system reports are generated. 

Each category tested is reported in this manner  so that you can follow it more effectively. 

3x4 Sample Report Images
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