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MRT test & the LEAP Program


With the ever changing world we live in and the rise in various allergies and  viruses, words like cytokines, prostaglandins and histamines are being common everyday words being tossed around. 

What are they exactly? Well these are just some of the mediators that food and food chemicals can release into your blood stream causing inflammation in isolated or various part of your body. They are the KEYs that start the negative symptomatic effects in motion. Leaving you feeling tired, irritable, confused, unable to focus, causing headaches, migraines,  pain and well just plain awful. 

The MRT (Mediator Release Test) blood test measures the release of these mediators from the white blood cells after being exposed to 176 foods (antigens) and food chemicals correlating with food sensitivity symptoms.

The MRT test measures Type III and Type IV food sensitivity reactions, but this does not test for food allergies or intolerances.

It is essential to work with an experienced practitioner to compile the results.

Mediator release is a major contributor to the inflammation related to food sensitivities. MRT results provide a foundation for a personalized nutrition plan, often referred to as the Immunocalm Diet or LEAP Protocol.

Why MRT is best Food Sensitivity Test

The Process

Blood Collection:

This is the first step.

Laboratory Analysis:

The collected blood is sent to Oxford Biomedical Labs.

Comprehensive Results:

The laboratory uses patented methods to assess various factors, generating detailed results which are relayed to our team.

Personalized Follow-up:

A follow-up visit is scheduled to discuss the results and to create a personalized plan. 


Immunocalm Phase 1 picture to use_edited

Unlocking Optimal Health with MRT-LEAP Protocol:

The MRT-LEAP Protocol is the most effective anti-inflammatory program available today. The results allow us to identify those foods and food chemicals inducing changes in YOUR white blood cells.

Traditional elimination diets don't reveal clinical and subclinical reactions. Our protocol helps identify foods and food chemicals causing varying degrees of inflammation in YOUR body.

The LEAP Protocol is organized into phases and the duration of each phase depends on the individual's response. 


 1.    ImmunoCalm Phase:

Quickly reduces inflammation. It is during this phase where a symptomatic baseline is established and a noticeable reduction in symptoms can occur.    


2.    Challenger Phase:

Challenges the diet with additional tested foods. Only one new food is added per day to monitor for delayed reactions. As inflammation decreases additional tested foods are incorporated.    


    3. Expansion Phase:

Further expands and "normalizes" the diet by continuing to challenge with untested foods. During this phase the goal is to increase dietary diversification, to develop a nutrient-dense diet and a healthy microbiome.


Removing foods with added chemicals is only part of the equation. Most are unaware of the many naturally occurring chemicals in our foods that we can be sensitive to.  

Surprisingly, many supplements and medications: even over-the-counter ones like aspirin, contain 'food chemicals.'

With the MRT test, we are able to examine aspects of your diet you would never have thought to be important. 


The MRT-LEAP (Mediator Release Test – Lifestyle, Eating and Performance) protocol has a 94.5% sensitivity and a specificity rate of 91.7%. Currently it is the only test available to identify hidden inflammatory responses to foods. 



The results are quickly available and implemented within 2 weeks after the blood is drawn and individuals experience 50-90% improvement by the end of the first few weeks of their LEAP program. A better, healthier way of living is possible and can start FOR YOU TODAY!!!!

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